Austin Ten Light Utility


model G/YG


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The Austin 10 Utility Truck (better known as Austin Tilly) is actually the military version of the Austin 10 saloon. The chassis is the same size and it uses a "platform" construction that is the result of welding a pressed-steel floor to a frame, which results in great diagonal stiffness.

The Austin Tilly has a few changes in comparison to the civilian Austin 10 – the motor has more power, a water pump is added, a bigger fuel tank and the use of "cross-country" tyres.


Technische specificaties:





















About 30.000 vehicles were build. At this moment about 160 ´survivors` (from wreck to excellent) are registered at the Tilly Register.

In 1944, an article was published in "Autocar". In this article, the Austin Tilly was tested. The article can be downloaded here as a pdf-file.


Manuals of the Austin Tilly.


Beside the Austin Tilly were three other makes, the made light utility trucks: Morris, Hillman en Standard. More information about all makes can be found at the site of the Tilly Register.


Austin Ten Light Utilty Truck

4 cilinder petrol
1237 cc
29 bhp by 4000 rpm
Zenith 30VM4
Girling rod-operated
Electrical system
12 V
4 forward, 1 reverse
238,27 cm (7 ft 9¾ in.)
396,5 cm (13 ft)
159, 62 cm (5 ft 3 in.)
189,35 cm (6 ft 2½ in.)
1003, 3 kg (19¾ cwt)